Kill No Limit for Beginners

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Kill No Limit: Beginners Poker e-Book

e-Book Price: $77.  Buy it Now.

Who is this for?  New and micro stakes poker players who want to understand core concepts in the game and learn how to play poker profitably from $0.01/$0.02 up to about $1/$2.  It is targeted towards micro and low stakes players, and introduces them to core post-flop concepts such as range merging, check-raising, 3betting/4betting, table positions, playing styles and hand selection. Along with the e-book, users receive over 2.5 hours of instructional videos with Wes playing sessions from NL100 up to NL600 with a HUD, a poker odds calculator and 3 starting hand charts

Kill No Limit Review

Having known the author of this e-book, new poker players can learn a hell of a lot from reding this (at one point he was earning more than $40k per month from playing high stakes 6-max poker.)  Wes is a regular NL600 grinder and he even even owns a couple of quality poker strategy/training portals.

The Kill No Limit e-Book Comes With:

  • 2.5 Hours of Instructional Videos
  • 3 Starting Hand Charts
  • 1 Poker Odds Chart
  • 1 Poker Odds Calculator

With regards to the e-book, it’s a fantastic read for new and micro stakes poker players.  Wes has a great writing style and the pages are creative, fluid and won’t give you a headache. Kill No Limit contains more than 50 pages introducing poker concepts such as table position, playing styles (TAG, LAG, TP, LP, rocks), starting hand selection, 3bets, continuation bets, “float play” and combating different types of players.  It takes about 3 hours to read, which is pretty good considering you can spend just $77 on this and become a profitable player over night.  Most of the material is aimed at the newbie end of the poker market.

 In terms of where it will get you, you will be able to make profit up to maybe the NL25 or even NL50. In other words, it will teach you how to realistically make over $15k per year.  If you want to play high stakes action and learn how to exploit regulars at the $2/$4 tables, then I recommend the NL Workbook instead.  However, if you’re new at poker or not yet making profit, this book is definitely for you.  I recommend reading Kill No Limit anyway before moving on to more advanced e-books like the NL workbook above.

In addition to the e-book, users who purchase this will receive 2.5 hours of instructional videos which lets you learn how to play the NL100, NL200 up to NL600 cash game tables at PokerStars.  I think the video quality is excellent, and they really help show you how to put poker theories such as 3betting and c-betting out of position into practice.  Users also get a couple of poker hand charts, an odds calculator and an excel bankroll management sheet to help you move up the stakes.

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