About the PokereBookShop.com

Hi guys and welcome to our About Us page!

The PokereBookShop.com project was site up in order to provide poker players reviews of the best poker ebooks on the internet. We’ve reviewed and provided only the best picks of ebooks for your learning.

When you look through google you’ll find tons of free poker ebooks and pdf type articles  The problem is that these arn’t really any good.  They will teach basic theory at best, and at worst they’ll be telling you to do things that are wrong or could lose your money in the long run.  That’s why we created the PokereBookShop.com; so that you can find top quality poker ebooks that are guaranteed to be worth reading.

If you want to improve your game or move up the stakes in poker than poker ebooks are a great way to do this. 

High Quality Poker eBooks

All of the poker ebooks listed and reviewed here have been written by pros.  Take the NL Workbook and Poker Blueprint for example.  Both of these books were written by high stakes pros Nguyen and Davis who have played millions of hands in the $3/$6 6-max cash games.  If you look them up on PokerTableRatings.com you’ll see their ROI graph and just how much profit that they’ve made over the last couple of years.  These guys mean business, and when they teach you how to check-raise the flop out of position, or what an optimal 3bet value range should be against a TAG, you can trust their knowledge.  The same goes for Wes – author of the Kill No Limit eBook.  I have known Wes personally for a while (he also owns BeatNoLimit.com) and you can see on his sales page that he has made over $40,000/month playing mid-stakes poker.  His 6-max videos which he records with the use of a Holdem Manager Poker HUD are top notch.  I highly recommending purchasing the Kill No Limit eBook is you haven’t seen it already.

Poker eBooks for Beginners and Advanced Players

The Poker eBook Shop has a range of poker ebooks for both beginners and experienced players.  Starting with the basics, one of the first type of books that I’d recommend is Kill No Limit.  Wes introduces a number of beginner topics such what is table position, types of playing styles and the different types of moves (bluffing, check-raising, c-betting etc).  After reading this, I recommend moving onto the Poker Blueprint, which is designed for the average micro-stakes/low stakes players.  It will help you eliminate most leaks, help you to understand combo ranges/equity and give you a solid advantage against regulars.  The NL Workbook is where things start to get serious however.  The NL Workbook teaches what most would call high stakes strategy i.e. strategy for exploiting regulars up to $3/$6.  This is a really interesting and conceptually stimulating book, with case study scenarios.  For the most part I think this is one of the best poker ebooks that I have ever read.

Over time we’ll continually try to add new poker ebooks to our listings.  If you have any recommendations for poker ebooks than we’d also love to hear them.

In addition to poker ebooks, you’ll see that we’ve also provided a few pages on training sites and poker bonuses.  All of theses pages are accessible to players and are designed to help you to move up the stakes. 

Anyway, that’s it from the Poker eBook Shop team.  If you have any questions or ideas for us than feel free to get in touch.  We hope you enjoy our site.


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Top Selling Poker eBooks

The Poker Blueprint

Designed to teach players up to NL100. Poker Blueprint Review.

The NL Workbook

Exploit regulars from NL100 - NL600. NL Workbook Review.

The PLO Book

Make the transition from NLH to PLO. PLO Book Review.